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Move Outta My Way, You’re Blocking My Flow

February 6, 2014 in Intuition, Meditation by Jill

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I am in the process of making a decision about studying life coaching. I am overwhelmed with the range of options including course duration, content, presentation style and top of that trying to figure out the logistics of how!

You can see the stress I am creating as I try to control the perfect outcome.

It sounds crazy, backwards and hard; so much so the fun and excitement is taken away.

But how many of us control a situation or decision and end up nowhere because we become lost in the details? Some us of may give up on our passion or goal, others of us will fight through then reach the end realising there was no love and joy in the journey.

Last night at a workshop/meditation we were guided into receiving messages from our higher self. For me a loud and clear voice said, “PATIENCE.”

For those who don’t know me, patience is not one of my strong points. I am a go-getter. As a Capricorn I continue to strive to reach goals, push my limits and a take-action now kind-of-girl. Read the rest of this entry →

by Jill

7 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

October 8, 2013 in Affirmations, Inspiration, Intuition, Meditation by Jill

Everyone has experienced self-doubt from time-to-time, even successful business owners and elite athletes. If self-doubt is not dealt with it can leave you sabotaging your own success, feeling powerless and even filling you with regret.

This is one emotional negative mind set you will want to triumph. Here are 7 tips to defeat self-doubt.

1. Be aware of your self-doubt

Acknowledging you are lacking in confidence is a great strength to possess. Growth will come by being aware of whatever you are feeling. By denying your self-doubt you are only covering it up with a blanket. It will then fester like rotten mould until one day the smell is so putrid that it is too overwhelming to deal with. So, say hi to your self-doubt, and/or tell someone you trust that you feel this way. Read the rest of this entry →

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How to slow a racing mind

August 21, 2013 in Meditation, Self Love by Jill

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Do you feel exhausted despite not doing any physical activity?

If this is the case, you are probably not even aware that your thoughts are running a million miles an hour.

I personally found that when my thoughts are endlessly racing around me, I am tired and fatigued. One of the ways I slow my mind is through meditation.

I am no expert on meditation, but through my practice I am going to explain what it means to me, one of the meditations I use, and the benefits I gain from it.

Mediation to me means being completely within the present moment. By present moment I mean right now, right now, and right now. It is not two seconds ago, or in the future. It is right this present moment.

Meditation to me does not only mean sitting in the lotus position, eyes closed and saying “om”; although this is one type of meditation. Another type is doing anything you love. Read the rest of this entry →

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The Start of Loving Myself

June 22, 2013 in Meditation, Self Love by Jill


Have you ever noticed when you love yourself everything in your life is easy? Your dreams come to fruition, your work is great, your body is fit and healthy, and you are buzzing with energy and full of life. Your relationships with your friends, colleagues, family and partner are full of love and positive engagements. I realised recently that when I unconditionally love myself everything in my life works out perfectly to the point I am using the word ‘magic’. My smiles are endless, and people are commenting on how happy I am or ask where they too can get some of it. I sing silly songs, and do little dances. I laugh and feel like a small child. I achieve goals by just ‘doing it’ and seeing obstacles or challenges as opportunities. Read the rest of this entry →