Dear Life, I Love You

August 25, 2013 in Fear, Law of Attraction, Self Love by Jill

Jill holding sun

Nearly 3 years ago I collected a rock, a gratitude rock, on the beach in Monkey Mia. Since then my life has changed. This rock still resides in my pocket, and every time I touch it I say something I am grateful for. By doing this I create more and more by being grateful for what I already have.

The post below was included as part of a series called ‘Dear Life’ on the blog So Many Places by Kim. Every Monday she posts various peoples thank you’s which is both inspiring and uplifting.


21 August 2013

Hamersely Gorge, Karijini National Park, Western Australia

10:38 am

Dear Life,

Thank you fear for always being with me. You make my heart race, hands sweat and adrenaline pump through my body. Thank you for making me feel alive, scared and inspired. I am grateful you and I have now become close friends, because you inspire me to always have a go. I am grateful I am no longer fearful of fear, because as a team you and I have so much fun together.

Thank you courage for giving me the personal power to do whatever I chose. I admire you, and I am grateful we are also very close. It amazes me where the strength comes from, which I am thankful for. Thank you for giving me the courage to leave a career, dive into deep waters, and speak the truth within me.

Thank you dreams for inspiring me to live a life beyond my wildest thoughts. Without you I would not be travelling indefinitely, surfing or writing a blog about self-love, so thank you. I am grateful for the times we dream together, build images of hopes and desires. Without you in my life it would be dull and boring, so thank you.

Thank you present moment. It is you who opens the doors for unconditional love, peace and bliss. I am so grateful we have met again. I remember the days as a child we were much closer, but I am grateful we have rekindled. Now I feel more peace and love than ever before.

Thank you ego for making me laugh and making me cry. Thank you for making my mind spin at speeds I cannot keep up with. Thank you for creating interesting stories and sharing them with me over and over again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about you and be with you.

Thank you intuition. You have always been there for me, which I am forever grateful. Thank you for being the source of my creativity, dreams, safety and guidance. I am grateful you and I are starting to become better friends, and I am also grateful I can hear your voice louder and louder.

Thank you disappointment, sadness and anger. We have not always been friends, as I hid you in a box deep inside. But now I am learning to accept you for what you are. After all you are not ‘bad’ at all. So thank you for being patient while I unravel you from my deep place, it is now safe to come out.

Thank you life. I am grateful I am part of you!

Love, Jill