Gratitude Rocks For Sale!

August 28, 2013 in Fear, Law of Attraction by Jill


Can you remember a time when you have been on holidays and dreamt about your wildest fantasies for your life? What did it look like for you? Did you want to leave your job and start your own business? Did you want to travel the world? Did you want more happiness in your life? Or find the perfect partner?

Less than 3 years ago my partner, Matt, and I went on a week’s holiday to Monkey Mia and Exmouth, Western Australia. During that holiday there was a shift in me.

One evening on this particular holiday, Matt and I were walking along the beach discussing our dreams. The beach had sporadic huddles of pebbles, and I remember picking one up. I looked at it intently, noticing its pink colour with white and orange speckles, and feeling its shape. I said, “I am grateful for this moment”. From then on the rock became my ‘gratitude rock’.

My gratitude rock

My gratitude rock

My gratitude rock still resides in my pocket, and every day I touch it and say what I am grateful for.

Today’s gratitude includes:

–          Thank you for the clean air I breathe,

–          Thank you for the perfect caravan we live and travel in,

–          Thank you for an energising swim in Fern Pool (Karijini National Park),

–          Thank you for the healthy body I live in,

–          Thank you for this indefinite travel adventure,

–          Thank you for a loving relationship with Matt, whom allows me to be free to be me.

–          Thank you for the peace and love I feel right now.

You must now be curious what I have created by simply using gratitude.  Since we left Perth in March 2012 I have been grateful for the opportunity to travel, to explore and learn about different cultures and traditions. Nearly every day I will give thanks for the experience. I sincerely mean it. I don’t think I should be grateful for my travel adventures, I just am.

The effect of gratitude has strengthened my feeling of abundance; therefore I have been able to keep travelling. I am not worried about how I can afford it, where I will stay the night, or what experiences I will have. As a result we have been on the road for 17 months!

This would not have happened if I were ungrateful for the adventures I had experienced, as this would have reflected fear, scarcity, and failure. If I did this I know I would be back in Perth, more than likely in the same house, in my same unsatisfying job, and be bored with my life.

By being grateful for what I already have, I desire less –

because I am full with what I already have.

The more I am grateful for, the more I magically receive. As the saying goes, “like breeds like”, so I just keep receiving more of what I already am I grateful for. I receive more opportunities to travel, receive money from multiple and unexpected sources, and receive more love, joy and happiness.

Since I have been travelling this year I have started collecting gratitude rocks. Every time I collect one I say what I am grateful for. Now, I have a big collection and now feel that it is time to share them with the world.

To receive one of these precious rocks click the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button below to deposit $5.00 into my PayPal account AND email me ( with your postal address. I will then send you one of these life changing rocks.

The gratitude rocks are already touched with gratitude so all you have to do is continue to touch your rock and say what you are truly grateful for.

Example of one of the gratitude rocks for sale

Example of one of the gratitude rocks for sale