How Much Are You Worth?

July 17, 2013 in Affirmations, Self Love by Jill


Through my failures, you can learn the secret


Want to have money freely flow to you?

No more debt?

Want to see extra money in your account?

This is part 1 of a two part series on having more…

Over the past four or so years I have taken an interest in creating more money to do the things I desire. In the past 18 months I have worked less than ever before, and had more money to do the things I love. Curious?

In this post I am going to discuss beliefs surrounding money and how they affect how money comes to you, and how you use it. I found this to have the biggest influence on how money comes to me. But there are other techniques I use to aid its flow which will be in the next post.

Firstly, I became aware of some of the negative thoughts and beliefs I had surrounding money. Some of these may seem familiar to you too, but here are some I used to hold.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Money only comes from hard work.
Spiritual people are not supposed to be rich.
Rich people are unhappy.
I need lots of money to make lots more.
The only income I can earn is from a job.
Business ownership requires family and social sacrifices.

Becoming aware of my limiting beliefs of scarcity and sacrifices of time for self, friends and family, how could I (or you) allow money to come easily to me (or you)? I would subconsciously create a resistance wall that would stop the flow of money as it would not resonate with my beliefs. Why would money easily appear in my account when I believed I had to work hard for it? So, without addressing your beliefs, no matter what money making strategy you use, your financial situation will always remain the same unless you look at your beliefs surrounding money.

By simply acknowledging my limiting beliefs I was able to make a change. I created new beliefs that would be my future. I changed the words to make more positive ones, and thus raised the vibration in my consciousness. Instead of resistance, I would allow the energy surrounding money in my life to be positive and welcoming.


Here are my new set of beliefs about money:

Money flows freely and easily to me.
Money comes from multiple sources.
Money comes from my passions.
Anybody can be rich, including me.
People with money are just like everyone else



How about you try it now? With a pen and paper write down the first answer that comes to mind to finish the sentence. Make sure you write the first answer that comes to mind.

People with money are…
Money makes people…
Money is…
I’d have more money if…
My dad thought money was…
My mum always thought money would…
In my family, money caused…
In order to have money I need to…
People think money…
Being broke tells me…

After completing this, now finish the sentences with the ones you wish to create.

Along with my beliefs about money, I looked at my beliefs about Me and my self-worth. You too may find this scary, as I found that my self-worth may not have been as high as I expected. Sure I am a confident person, but how much do I truly value and approve of myself? It is interesting to find that the way you value yourself has a huge impact on your financial situation.

Here are some of my old (and common) limiting beliefs:

I do not have unique talents or abilities.
Everyone else comes first.
I’ll probably just fail anyway.
I am too reserved and quiet.
I don’t deserve money.
I can’t afford that.
If I’m successful, my friends will be jealous and stop liking me.
I don’t want to have money and be stuck up.
Artists (or whatever your profession is) have to struggle hard to earn a living.
Making money is just too difficult.
No one has ever said that making money is easy
I don’t deserve a pay rise
I don’t like being in the limelight
I find it hard to value my own potential
I don’t know how.


As before, I changed my beliefs into positive ones which would be aligned with my goals and desires. Once again, if I don’t believe I am worth the money I create, how could I ever possibly get my hands on more of it?

I love myself, just the way I am.
I am unique; no other person is the same as me.
I have something to offer.
I love myself, therefore I put myself first, and then I can help others.
I deserve the promotion.
I can afford whatever I desire.
Money flows freely and easily to me.
The right opportunity will present itself.
I am open to any money making ideas and opportunities.

Once again, it’s your turn to finish the sentences relating to you and money. Firstly, write down the first answer that comes to mind, no edits, just the first thing that pops into your head. Then after looking at your limiting beliefs, complete step 2 by finishing the sentences with what is aligned with your goals.

I am …
I have ….
I can …
Abundance is …
Making money is…
I will…
My friends …
I …


So, before you start to look for other ways to make money, to increase your income or reduce your debt, make sure you look at your beliefs and values surrounding money. If you don’t do this you are going to continue to have the same results as you do today.