The Start of Loving Myself

June 22, 2013 in Meditation, Self Love by Jill


Have you ever noticed when you love yourself everything in your life is easy? Your dreams come to fruition, your work is great, your body is fit and healthy, and you are buzzing with energy and full of life. Your relationships with your friends, colleagues, family and partner are full of love and positive engagements. I realised recently that when I unconditionally love myself everything in my life works out perfectly to the point I am using the word ‘magic’. My smiles are endless, and people are commenting on how happy I am or ask where they too can get some of it. I sing silly songs, and do little dances. I laugh and feel like a small child. I achieve goals by just ‘doing it’ and seeing obstacles or challenges as opportunities.

On the flipside of the coin, have you ever noticed when you do not love yourself? The foods you eat are full of sugar and fat, and you only hope that they will comfort you or give you some boast of energy to get through your slump. Your body feels heavy and dense, and you have an injury or illness. You don’t exercise or if you do it is painful. Work seems like the last place you would rather be. Your life seems dull and boring, and you have no idea where it is heading. The flowers seem to be dying, and the sun is always hidden by the clouds. Your dreams and aspirations are buried in fear, anger or disappointment. Your self-talk is cruel and unkind, but you are so unaware of these words you are saying to yourself because you are engulfed in a dark place. You use the words, “I can’t” or “I should have…”

I have experienced both sides of the coin, but I much prefer being on the first one, not that it is right or wrong to be on either side, it is just what I prefer. I realised that if I wanted to spend more time on this side of life, I need to learn to love myself more of the time. I realised that I need to learn to accept myself exactly as I am, love all of my weaknesses just as much as I love my strengths, and speak loving and kind words to myself. The ‘tough love’ punishment I was giving myself was not working all the time, so a new tactic is now to be used. I want to look in the mirror and see the truth of my entire self of mind, body and spirit. I want to be able to look in the mirror and love the person whom stands in front of it all the time.

I have already started looking into the mirror each day and looking deeply into my eyes. Sometimes I see sadness. I take a few slow, deep breaths, and I lovingly say “I love you… just the way you are”. I usually repeat this a few times to begin to start to feel lighter with a smile emerging. Sometimes I look into my eye and see a twinkle and I smile and say ‘I love you… just the way you are”. I have to admit the first time I looked myself deeply into the eye I gave myself a fright. I saw sadness, and anger towards myself. My sparkle in my eye was not there along with my zest for life. But I am so grateful I did see myself that day, because it made me aware that I needed more self-love.