Move Outta My Way, You’re Blocking My Flow

February 6, 2014 in Intuition, Meditation by Jill

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I am in the process of making a decision about studying life coaching. I am overwhelmed with the range of options including course duration, content, presentation style and top of that trying to figure out the logistics of how!

You can see the stress I am creating as I try to control the perfect outcome.

It sounds crazy, backwards and hard; so much so the fun and excitement is taken away.

But how many of us control a situation or decision and end up nowhere because we become lost in the details? Some us of may give up on our passion or goal, others of us will fight through then reach the end realising there was no love and joy in the journey.

Last night at a workshop/meditation we were guided into receiving messages from our higher self. For me a loud and clear voice said, “PATIENCE.”

For those who don’t know me, patience is not one of my strong points. I am a go-getter. As a Capricorn I continue to strive to reach goals, push my limits and a take-action now kind-of-girl.

So here we have my intuition saying be patient. My body twinged at the idea, but there was also something else, more like a feeling telling me, “it’s ok. You’re safe. Trust”.

An insight followed on the way home where I realised to be patient I have to let go of my need to control the direction of where my life was heading.

I would need faith to trust my intuition and the universe to provide me with an answer.

I would need to open my heart and allow it to guide my solution.

I would need to allow my know-it-all mind and ego to take the slide line to grant my dreams.

I would need let go my fear of stuffing up or getting it wrong.

My faith stone

My faith stone

At my core I know this is the way to living as I only have to reflect on all my manifestations such as two years of travelling, money flowing easily despite hardly working during those few years, abundance of laughter and heart-felt love etc etc to know this works.

So, here at the turning point where I stand on a cliff edge with my fear based need to control self pulling me back to safety on the land, and my courageous, loving-self leaping into patience, faith and the unknown.

I have chosen the latter option so I have taken my analysing hat off and are choosing to live through my heart. And because of this I am confident the perfect course is going to present itself to me, one that I will be super excited about that I will know that it is right for me!

What about you? What course of direction are you going to take to live your dreams?

Love Jill xxx


P.S On a quick side note, after 2 years of travelling my partner Matt, our doggies Molly & Benson and I have settled on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland), about 100m from the beach – thank you universe. I am continuing to follow my passions and put into practice my lessons learnt along my travels. After all practicing the knowledge learnt is the true way of understanding.