Secrets to Free Flowing Money

July 21, 2013 in Affirmations, Law of Attraction by Jill



So in Part 1: How Much Are You Worth we looked at how beliefs play a major role in realizing our abundance. Now lets look at how to get exactly what you want.

A few years back I watched The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, where I first learnt about the Law of Attraction. A seed was planted, as with my desire to grow the fruit of earning whatever figure I desired. As instructed, I created vision boards with a copy of my bank statement with the amount I wanted to see in my bank account. I also did regular visualisations of me jumping around with excitement as I achieved my goal to earn a salary of $100,000 a year.

Unfortunately, I did not achieve my goal within my set timeframe.  I changed my tactic. I lowered the amount thinking I set the goal too high. Truth is I didn’t think I was worth it. I updated my vision board to see $30,000 in my bank account. This too did not work. Another belief became known, I don’t know how to.

Through past failures and further education, I updated my vision boards with the things I wanted to spend my money on. At the end of the day, it was not money I wanted, as it is only plastic. I wanted to travel, to drive a red VW Beetle, to have more time to train for triathlons and to help people. This too didn’t work, but I discovered that I needed to be much more specific.

Yes I wanted to travel, but to where? I wanted a VW Beetle, but I also wanted a car where a surfboard could fit too. I wanted more time to train more for triathlons, but what distances did I want to train for, which events? I wanted to volunteer to help people, but there is such a huge number of ways to volunteer, which did I want to do?

How could it be possible to get what I wanted if I didn’t even know what that was?

Another vision board was created, and this one hit bingo! I had a calendar with 21St of March circled with Flight to India written, I had a picture of someone in a triathlon, with the words Long Distance with the date of the event. I had a map of the Everest Base Camp track with March 2013 written on it. I had my bank account statement with $8 000 in it for my travels to Nepal and India.

It finally worked! I got everything on that vision board I desired. I even got more. Instead of a 5 week holiday, I am still on an indefinite travel adventure. And I only started out with $8 000 in my bank account!


My current vision board

My current vision board


During travelling I started to develop a faith that the universe is taking care of me and gives me whatever I desire. I now had the proof. At some point last year while unemployed and travelling, we had over $10,000 come to us, which was completely unexpected. And some of that money I actually have no idea where it came from.

I don’t remember when, but some point in the past few months I put a 50 cent coin into my jumper pocket.  Every day, whenever I reach into my pocket and touch the coin and I say “money flows freely and easily to me”.

If I feel a resistance that I should not be spending the money, I touch the coin and say my affirmation watching my resistance dissolve along with my guilt to spend the money. If resistance is present when I spend money I know I am creating negative vibrations and therefore creating more lack and scarcity of not having enough.

Because I have created new beliefs surrounding money, I easily find work. In this current contract, I have been flooded with money. In my first fortnight pay check for 76 hours work I earnt just under $5000!!!! All because I created it! I believed I was worth it! I believed I was worth the promotion!  I believed the universe is giving me whatever I desired! I believe money flows freely and easily to me! I also have other sources of income coming to me at the moment, which I had not planned for.

We have a unit in Perth which is breaking even. We have the perfect tenants looking after our property and paying our mortage. We do not need to put a cent towards the expenses. It is all because we believed!

In 2 weeks’ time we will be unemployed again, and not be working for at least 6 months.

I believe I can have whatever ever I desire. I believe I am financially free.

In Summary, here are the secrets to having an abundance of money

1)       Look at your beliefs surrounding money and your own self-worth.

2)      Be specific. What is it you really want? I am sure it is not money, as that itself is only plastic.

3)      Create vision boards with what you desire. Shut your eyes, and create a movie in your mind getting what you desire.

4)      Have a reminder such as a coin for you to use an affirmation such as money flows freely and easily to me

5)      Get excited when you see little sprouts coming up from the ground. The more positive energy you give it, the bigger it grows. I even have a little dance I do when I see the smallest of results. If you give it negativity or resistance you may as well just stomp on your seed now. It won’t grow.