Fear of Judgement

June 26, 2013 in Fear

Is fear of how people will judge you stopping you from living your true dreams and life? Are you thinking about doing something different with your life but the fear of being told you can’t do it stopping you? Are you feeling stuck or trapped in your own fear because you are worried what the ‘neighbour’ will think? Do you fear you may lose friends from doing something out of the ordinary?

All of these questions are ringing a loud yes for me. It was only last week that I shared with Matt my fears about what will people think in relation to creating this blog. Will I lose some friends while I explore the truth in loving myself? What if people think I am not living in the ‘real’ world? What if people think I am ‘different’? What will my family think? Do I even love myself enough to even warrant writing a blog about self love? Read the rest of this entry →