Vulnerability is the state of Unconditional Love

July 7, 2013 in Affirmations, Fear, Self Love


Today, I popped in to a shop to book an appointment for acupuncture and massage session, but it bought me something greater than what I was expecting. The lovely lady, Naomi, and I had a nice chat and on my way out she offered me to pick an affirmation from her box for me to ponder on for the day. I felt my way around the box and pulled out,

Vulnerability is the state of Unconditional Love.

Instantly knowing what it was about, I panicked, heart and throat tightened and I made a quick exit from the shop. In an unprepared and unexpected situation, I was reminded of the need to surrender, to be vulnerable, and allow life to flow organically through me. I obviously resisted it as the evidence ran through my body as tension. Read the rest of this entry →