Vulnerability is the state of Unconditional Love

July 7, 2013 in Affirmations, Fear, Self Love by Jill


Today, I popped in to a shop to book an appointment for acupuncture and massage session, but it bought me something greater than what I was expecting. The lovely lady, Naomi, and I had a nice chat and on my way out she offered me to pick an affirmation from her box for me to ponder on for the day. I felt my way around the box and pulled out,

Vulnerability is the state of Unconditional Love.

Instantly knowing what it was about, I panicked, heart and throat tightened and I made a quick exit from the shop. In an unprepared and unexpected situation, I was reminded of the need to surrender, to be vulnerable, and allow life to flow organically through me. I obviously resisted it as the evidence ran through my body as tension.

This life lesson has been something I have pondered over from time to time over the past year, but never been able to maintain. Let me back track for a moment, and explain what it means to me. To be vulnerable and surrender means to allow life to freely flow through me, it is not ‘Me’ who controls life, it is life itself. There is freedom, peace, spontaneity, and intuition guiding me. It is not my mind, or ego, trying to control my experiences, people or feelings.

Resistance exists in me to surrender. It is clearly evident with my surfing, or lack of surfing. Truth is I love surfing, I love swimming, and I love the ocean, but some days I truly fear it. The ocean to me is a symbol of freedom, free spirit and free flowing life.  I know when I am resisting life and not living my life, my fear for the ocean greatens, crazy but true. As a result I have been staring at the waves in Exmouth for weeks only too afraid to be free.

The things that scare me the most about being free, is the fact that I will be letting go of my ego; I would be letting go of the need to control people and experiences;  and I would also have to be OK with the uncertain and the unknown.

On the flip side of this, if I were to be vulnerable and surrender all I am left is would be pure love, peace, and bliss. I have a choice, as does everyone. Today I walked home, cried a little, and spoke of all the above to Matt. I then acknowledged my resistance, and used the affirmation Naomi gave and have repeated it through the day, “Vulnerability is the State of Unconditional love”.  And now I am off for a surf xxx

4 surf

Just to let you know, I did go surfing today, and I caught 4 free flowing waves just like
my current state of being.