What Intuition Is and How To Use It

September 27, 2013 in Fear, Intuition by Jill


Last year in Sri Lanka Matt & I had a difficult decision to make; “which country do we travel to next?” Yes, I know you are probably thinking it is an easy answer, but we had ample of ideas with lists of pros and cons for each. One country which ranked highly was the Philippines, due to its surf, pristine beaches and cheapness.

However, something did not feel right. I said to Matt, “I just have a feeling we should not go there”. I could not explain it, nor could I provide any solid negatives to rule it out.

I felt guilty for thinking of saying no, especially with no logical rationale. After a few weeks I finally did say, “no”. Interestingly, the same day I made the decision to rule it out based on a gut feeling, we learnt the Philippines was experiencing their worst typhoons. As time progressed, they experienced more typhoons, deaths, flooding and earthquakes all in the areas and time frame we were considering visiting.

It was my intuition speaking to me.

Last week on the Gibb River Road we were well informed of the fires in the area. One evening I saw a glow above the trees in the sky. I knew the fire was not close, as in the previous hour we visualised the smoke behind a mountain range many kilometres away.

I was freaking out! I wanted to leave. My heart raced, tension built in my shoulders, and my mind ran wild with ideas. But, before I made us leave I had to assess whether my anxiousness was fear or was it my intuition telling me to get out of there.

When I am anxious or freaking out over something it can sometimes be difficult to come back to the present moment. The secret lies in being aware of whatever I am feeling in that moment. In this example, I asked myself what am I feeling, and fear was ringing loudly. I did not want to die in a fire. I felt my fear and allowed it to be there. I did not try to change my breathing, but naturally my breaths became slower and deeper.

I was present and somewhat relaxed. I asked myself is this fear based, or my intuition speaking? The answer was fear. The tension slowly dissolved over the next few hours and I slept comfortably that night, fear free.

Since the first example I have been paying more attention to my intuition. I now have the proof that my inner guide looks after me in each moment.

So, what is intuition? The best way I can describe intuition is it is a knowing. It can be a feeling that may be felt in your gut, or a voice you hear, or a vision you see. For some others it can be a smell, taste or a dream. For me personally I tend to feel it in my abdomen, or I hear voices.

Intuition is beyond intellect, therefore it will not be fully understood. It is a power each individual possesses. You do not understand the rationale of your intuition; it just tells you whatever you need to know. Intuition holds all the information you need to know about everything.

Intuition is illogical, and its messages are rarely understood. Intuition never makes sense to the mind. The mind analyses and critiques information, compared with intuition providing you with what you need to know or do.


To experience your intuition you need to be relaxed. When you are relaxed your mind is quieter and there is little attachment to your thought. It is then your intuition can be heard loudly.

As in the fire example above, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between intuition and thought. However, by returning to the present moment the answer is found. Stop, take a few deep breaths, and become present. Feel your body – how do your shoulders, stomach or legs feel. Observe the thoughts in your mind. Smell the air. Open your eyes widely and take a look around you. Once you are present you feel the aliveness of life.

I now use my intuition to make decisions on what to eat, which direction to take, or to simply call the person that comes to me.

My intuition is also guiding me to earn money doing what I love. Every morning I visualise a movie of my lifestyle and pursuing my passion about sharing the message about self-love and creating the life of your dreams. When I am in a relaxed and enthusiastic state, I ask my intuition what are 3 things I need to know or do today to create my dream.

I know my intuition holds all the answers, so I act on the 3 things it provides for the day. Day by day, I am closer to earning a passive income doing what I love while living on the beach.

Share below your experiences with intuition, how it affects your life or how you use it every day.

Jill x